we’re moving to the bahamas


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Just kidding. We’re just moving 30 minutes away, but I wish it was to someplace warmer (at least until summer hits Douglas County).

I hate moving. I want to keep every last thing we’ve accumulated at this house (wedding decor, books, magazines, knick knacks that we definitely don’t need). I always think that I’ll miss it when it’s gone, even though I probably wont. My childhood bedroom is a living time capsule – I even have some love notes from John circa 2002 stuffed away in a dresser drawer. I’m trying not to be a hoarder in my married life, but it’s so hard for me to let go of stuff. What would a therapist tell me? I don’t think I want to know….

I was sitting in Liam’s nursery yesterday and got a little sad thinking about packing up his room. I spent a lot of my pregnant life making it just perfect for him. I can’t tell you how many paint samples I purchased to find that right shade of blue. And the look on Liam’s face when we go play in his room brings tears to my eyes – he get’s this wide-eyed goofy grin (much like the one in the photos above) – and I can tell that he loves his little corner of the house. I know, I know – he’ll adjust to his new digs, too. I’m just sentimental.

Anyway, Liam is loving all of the empty boxes strewn across the living room – so we had a morning photo shoot. Best way to celebrate a Monday in my opinion.

Oh and if anyone wants to finish boxing up my house for me, just let me know. We pay in baby snuggles and cookies.



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