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Seven months later and I’m still feeling the effects of pregnancy and all that comes after. My hair is literally falling out. It’s normal, but frustrating. There is hair everywhere – John says he finds several strands hanging from his beard every day at work (which is actually kind of funny), and Liam is probably eating an average of 3 to 5 hairs a day, too. It’s unavoidable though, and I’m patiently waiting for the day when this hair loss thing slows down.

I’m also at the stage where my “baby hairs” are coming in along my hair line. John kindly told me that I “should probably wear my hair down for the next few months” while it grows out. Probably good advice, just not so tactfully stated. Nothing a little hairspray and a headband can’t fix though.

Speaking of headbands, I just ordered the cutest ones from my instagram friend Lauren @raincitycloset. Too bad it’s not ok for little boys to wear headbands because she makes cute ones for babies, too! I feel like Liam would resent me later in life if I stuck one on his head.



  • Carah

    same thing happened to me. i started getting super thin in my temples.. it was horrible! but it grew back, now i feel like my hair is back to normal. Now I get to lose it all again on my next! :) lol

  • brooke lyn

    bah, john’s comment reminds me of ruth and hundson, when hudson told me i should think about getting side bangs! in other news, i would still be friends with you if you went bald.

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