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Sunday evening we took a walk together around John’s parent’s pond. It’s something we’ve done a hundred times together, especially in the last few weeks of my pregnancy – you know, to try to get things jumpstarted in that big belly of mine (It never worked, by the way. Still had to be induced). Anyway, there was something really beautiful about this particular walk. Maybe it was the partially iced over water and the almost-purple frost. Or it could have just been the familiarity of it all after a long, busy week.

Whatever it was, I keep going back to this moment in my head and remembering what it feels like. It feels like family, and it feels like love – in it’s most simple and peaceful form. Liam felt it, too (or so I like to think he did.)┬áHe nodded off halfway in, rocked to sleep by the comfort of our voices and John’s heavy footsteps.

If that isn’t perfection, I don’t know what is.

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