guns & ammo: my thoughts on women’s self defense


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I am tired of  staying home alone and feeling afraid for my safety. I am a stay-at-home-mom, after all, so it seems silly to live my daily life jumping at every thump and bump that occurs throughout the day.

I’ve decided to purchase a handgun.

This is no rash decision. I took a women’s handgun class at the Roseburg Rod and Gun Club a few years back, which piqued my interest, but my husband was the one who planted the first seed in my head. John, who is an avid gun owner and believer in the Second Amendment, has been lovingly nagging me for years to have my own gun and to learn how to use it safely and properly for my protection. I used to laugh at him and say, “It’s your job to protect me. You’re the man, I’m the woman.”

Then I became a mom, and that seed my husband had planted finally came to fruition.

If I’m not protected, Liam is not protected, and that’s a really scary thought for me. I am this little boy’s line of defense against danger, especially during the day when it’s just the two of us. We live out in the country (30 minutes from Roseburg) and dialing 911 wouldn’t do much good in a home invasion.

What’s even scarier is that there have been several break-ins on our road in the last few months, and they’ve occurred during the day.

I’ve also realized that I need to be smarter about keeping my doors locked and not opening them whenever there’s a knock. The other evening I realized just how easy it I made it for a stranger to get into my home.

My husband, John, called me on his way home from work and told me he’d be home in twenty minutes. Great, I said, and hung up. About twenty minutes later I saw lights in the driveway and assumed they were his (it was completely dark at this point). Most of the time John uses the opener and goes through the garage door, but sometimes when his hands are full he comes to the front door and knocks. I thought it was one of those times.

There was a knock (our front door is made of etched glass, which is impossible to see out of). With Liam in one hand, I unlocked the door and flung it open expecting to see John. Instead there was a strange man staring back at me. Luckily he was just lost and looking for an address up the road. I shudder when I think of what could have happened, and I get mad at myself for putting my life and my son’s life in danger.

Enough is enough, I say. I’m not going to be the damsel in distress anymore – I can’t afford to be because the consequences are too great. So if you need me, I’ll be taking control of my life and making sure that I’m prepared to protect my family.


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